Adult Fun Hour

Fancy having a go at looking after horses? Join our fun hour at Goonbell!

9.30am - 10.30am (Thursday Sessions) £15 per adult

If you would like to book all four dates £60 must be paid prior to the first session, payment before first week by bank transfer, please.

We provide riding hats.

You will need to wear trousers, t-shirt, jumper, coat, wellies and gloves.

Week 1 - Thursday 9th September 2021

Meeting everyone and learning how to put on a head collar and lead rope on a horse, and how to pat and stroke and be around horses.

Week 2 - Thursday 16th September 2021

Brushing (grooming), learning brush names and leading.

Week 3 - Thursday 24th September 2021

Tacking up, grooming, riding and untacking.

Week 4 - Thursday 30th September 2021

Groom, Tack up, small hack and untack.

For more information about our professional horse riding lessons, countryside hacks or equestrian events, call Julia and the Goonbell team on 01872 552063 or 07855 155559